Official song for Beijing Olympics is a rip-off of 'Let It Go'. Actually.

Shame, China. Shaaaaaame.

After a pretty spectacular opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics (despite the fact they had a few fake fireworks, but whatevs), Beijing gave themselves some pretty big shows to fill for their next party, the 2022 Winter Olympics.

But they’ve already made things weird.

Beijing has just released ten official Olympic tracks, just to whip us into a frenzy of aerial-skiing excitement for the next seven years.

Except it didn’t. Because one of their songs was a rip-off of Let It Go from Frozen.


Get ’em, Elsa.

Something about the accompaniment and the melody and the instrumentation  (as in, EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE LYRICS) sounds familiar. More than familiar. It sounds exactly like the song that’s been stuck in our heads since 2013.

Not cool, Beijing. Not cool.

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The song is called The Snow And Ice Dance. Which is so something Elsa would do.

Have a listen. Here is Let It Go.

And here is Let It Go again The Snow And Ice Dance. 

Watch yourselves, China. The cold may not bother Elsa, but this might.

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