5 triathlons for beginners that are achievable (and fun).

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The thought of completing a triathlon for the first time can be really daunting. If you’re not sure you want to plunge head first into a standard triathlon (that’s a 1500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run, FYI), there are shorter, dare we say fun, options that will ease you in.

And if that is still not your cup of earl grey, a lot of triathlons also offer the opportunity to enter as a team, which can be a great way to get your feet wet with your mates.

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Here are five triathlon variations happening around Australia to get involved with…

1. Coles Bay Sprint

The Coles Bay Sprint (Image via Facebook.)

The Coles Bay sprint in Tasmania involves a 50m swim on Muirs Beach, a 20km bike ride and a five km run. You can enter individually or in teams. The sprint usually happens mid-February, and is along beautiful coastline at the northern edge of the Freycinet National Park (218km north east of Hobart and 202 km south east of Launceston.)

Entry fee for the Sprint Race will set you back around $90 (early bird) and you can sign up here.

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2. SunSmart Women's Triathlon

SunSmart women's triathlon. (Image via Facebook.)

The SunSmart Women's Triathlon is at Whitfords Nodes Beach Park in W.A. There are triathlons at this event for most fitness levels, but for beginners there's the mini triathlon, which is 150m swim, five km cycle and 1.5km run.

There's also a short triathlon, which is a 300m swim, seven km cycle and three km run. The event is held mid-March each year.

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The fee for the mini is around $55 individual or $80 for teams. The short triathlon costs $70 for individuals and $90 for teams. Read more here.

3. Triathlon Pink

Triathlon Pink (Image via Facebook.)

There are four levels of the Triathlon Pink to choose from, depending on how far you want to go. The perfect beginner triathlon is the short distance, a 100m swim three km bike ride and one km run or for a little more of a challenge, or you can do the medium course, which is a 200m swim, a six km ride, and a two km run.


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The triathlon Pink raises funds for breast cancer support, education and advocacy and is held in various locations around Australia, including Sydney, Perth, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Entry fees are $67.50 or $122.50 for teams. Find out more here.

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 4. The Byron Bay Triathlon

Byron Bay Triathlon (Image via Facebook.)

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Held in Byron Bay each year, the triathlon has events for varying states of fitness. While the triathlon is best known for it's grueling Olympic course, the triathlon also offers a "tempta" event, which is a 250m swim, 10km ride and 2.5km run.

There is also a sprint event, which is slightly longer at 750m swim, 50km ride and 5km run. Entry fees are around $129, and the event is held in mid-May. Find out more here.

4. Coral Coast Triathlon

Coral Coast Triathlon (Image via Facebook.)

The Coral Coast Triathlon is based in Port Douglas on Four Mile Beach, Queensland and is held in early June. There's a sprint distance, which consists of a 300m swim, 10km ride and 2.5km run for individuals and teams. There is also an "enticer" distance, which is a 750m swim, 20km ride and five km run (individuals only).

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Fees are around $85 for individual (sprint) or $95 for teams. The enticer is around $60 (for individuals only). You can find out more here.

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