This little girl’s before and after photos of her first day at school are all of us.

They say that time heals all wounds which makes sense considering most of us can look back on our school experiences without bursting into tears. But it’s good to be reminded every so often just how tough being a kid really is.

Redditor boobafett13’s daughter is starting Kindergarten next week. To commemorate the occasion, the 33-year-old mother posted two photos of her daughter from her first day of pre-K last year in a Reddit threat titled “Before and after the first day of school.

The morning of the first day of school, boobafett13’s daughter got dressed in the perfect first day of school outfit: a tutu skirt, t-shirt, a jean jacket, a perfectly tied hair bow, an excited smile, and a glint in her eye.

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Off to school she went, eager to learn and see what was in store for her.

This is how she looked when her mom picked her up from the bus just a few hours later:

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Gone was the hair bow and jacket. Gone was the excited smile and the glint in her eye. In their place was simply the look of a girl who had seen some things.

Redditor NotARobotSpider called it, “The thousand crayon stare.”

While it may look as though the little girl somehow got transported back in time and ended up in a World War II trench, according to her mother, it’s simply a oddly timed photo.

Her mother said “Thankfully it was just how the picture turned out. She actually loves school, she starts kindergarten on Tuesday and she is really excited about it. We try to make school and learning fun, and my kids know that if there’s a problem we will help them work through it so they aren’t stressed.”

So hang in there little learners, it’ll all be okay. Remember, time heals all wounds.

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