The baby bedtime routine that’s proven to get bub (and you) extra sleep.

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What if I told you, I could give you the secret to getting your baby to sleep, and keep them asleep?

What would you do for that kind of information?

I know there have been many, many times that I’ve considered all manner of financial sacrifices to find out.

As a new mum, you would have 100 cockroaches crawl all over you if it meant getting your little one to sleep without a World War III level tantrum. As a new mum, you would eat elephant number twos if it meant just one more hour of sleep for yourself.

I know. I’ve been there in those desperate, sleep-deprived moments. For the past five months, my daily goal is to get my daughter to sleep. Everything I do throughout each and every day is to get her to fall asleep at 7pm and stay asleep until after the sun has risen.

I’ve used many tricks. At 5am, I’ve bribed her with the promise of extra morning cuddles if she just gives me a couple of more hours. I’ve made up a song which lists all the benefits of going to sleep, including the fact that she will dream of rainbows and ponies. I may have even promised to buy her a pony at one ungodly hour. I’ve told her that if she lets me have a solid sleep, I will be a better mummy in the morning.


"I’ve told her that if she lets me have a solid sleep, I will be a better mummy in the morning." Image: Supplied.

While the pony is a lie, the better mummy statement isn’t. Truth is, uninterrupted sleep would make her a better baby too. JOHNSON'S® research shows that uninterrupted sleep not only helps us mums be better able to care for our little ones, it also helps our baby feel alert and in a better mood (read: less cranky pants). It also improves bub’s development, learning, even memory.

JOHNSON'S® has also figured out exactly how to get a baby to sleep.

It’s a unique three-step routine and it’s the first and only* night time routine clinically proven to help babies sleep better (after a week of giving it a go).


You can also use the new JOHNSON'S® Baby sleep app, which tracks your baby’s sleep (so you can see whether the routine is working). It also has some cool features, but the best one is access to a Tresillian Nurse to answer all your sleep questions.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Bath Time.

My daughter loves nothing more than a warm bath with her two floating duckies. One tells me the temperature of the water so I get it just right after swirling the water around to remove any hot spots, and the other is just to have something else to grab. Add a baby bath product like JOHNSON'S® bedtime baby bath.


"My daughter loves nothing more than a warm bath." Image via iStock.

Get everything ready beforehand, including a washcloth and towel for when they’re done. While it’s nerve wrecking bathing a baby in the beginning (they’re just so slippery) take your time. Most babies love water, they love to stretch out and splash. Once they’re done (usually when the water is getting a bit cool), get them warm and dry quickly.

2. Professional Masseuse Time.

Babies love to be touched. They also love to be naked. So getting a massage is like heaven. Make sure you do it in a warm room using baby products like JOHNSON'S® baby BEDTIME® lotion or JOHNSON'S® baby BEDTIME® oil, which contain Naturalcalm® essences to help baby fall asleep.

Just remember, babies are like adults and like different things. For the first three months, my daughter didn’t like being massaged anywhere but her chubby legs and tiny feet. Now, she tries to roll over so that I do her back too.


"Babies love to be touched." Image via iStock.

3. Quiet Time.

After all of that relaxation, try to keep the mood calm and relaxing. I usually give my baby her milk feed thirty minutes before I know she’s due for a sleep. Then it’s all about the cuddles and reading her a story.

I’ll be honest, some nights she sleeps right through. Other nights, not so much. But that’s parenting, it’s never perfect every time. But the more closely I stick to the bedtime routine and use baby products designed to help babies sleep, the better (and longer) her sleep is. And mine too.

*Literature search, Apr 2015.

How do you ensure you and your baby get a good night sleep?