How to not become a Bridezilla on your wedding day.


Let’s face it. The build-up and day of a wedding is one of the most stressful scenarios a woman will encounter in her life. There’s something about organising every detail of a day which really tests the character of a person. There’s a lot of stress and pressure involved to pull together a wedding that is as magical as you imagined.

Take it from me, no matter how exceptionally detailed you are, there’re three certain things in life. You will pay taxes. You will not get out alive. And no matter what, something is going to go wrong on your wedding day.

When it does you have two ways it usually goes. You realise it’s not the end of the world and move on from whatever has happened and enjoy the rest of your day. Or you become a bridezilla, turn on anyone in your destructive path and make a right spectacle of yourself in front of all your nearest and dearest.

becoming a bridezilla
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Most people prefer option one because one day isn’t worth causing drama with family or friends or upsetting your partner to the point of no return. But remaining calm in a world full of wedding chaos with all the feels of the day is difficult.

To help you out, here is a definitive guide of how not to become a bridezilla on your wedding day. You’re welcome.

1. Firstly and obviously, most importantly – remember there’s alcohol.

As the great Frank Sinatra said (or possibly Dean Martin. Google’s a little unreliable on the exact source. Go home Google, you’re drunk!) “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink, they wake up in the morning and that’s the best they are going to feel all day.”

Well, I’ll cheers to that!

So your monster mother-in-law showed up in white, Uncle Barry is touching your female guests inappropriately and your maid of dishonour has gone rogue with one of the groomsmen. You could throw a massive tantrum like a three-year-old missing their favourite toy or you can throw down a flute of champagne instead and calm the truck down. Have two if you are really bordering on bridal meltdown.


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2. Be super freakin' organised.

Once you accept the fact that something is going to go wrong, your second course of action is to put on your big girl super-organised pants and prepare for anything.


If you have an outdoor wedding, always organise a standby venue indoors in case it rains, and have umbrellas on hand just to help.

Check with every single one of your vendors and suppliers for their protocol if they're sick or something stops them from being able to make it on the day. Have a stain removal kit on hand for your dress, or even a spare cocktail dress to put on so you are more comfortable.

3. Remember, the whole day is about marrying your soul mate.

You know the guy suited up looking pretty suave nervously waiting at the other end of the aisle? He probably doesn’t care that the florist delivered the wrong shade of peonies. He definitely doesn’t care that your curls are not as robust as you wanted them to be. And he sure as hell doesn’t give a crap about the state of the napkins on your table.


ll of those minuscule things do not matter to him and they shouldn’t matter to you either, because today is about declaring the eternal love you have for each other. Remember that before you sweat the small stuff.

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4. Assign someone to be on “tell the bride’s she’s being a psychotic bitch” duty.

Sometimes you just need a voice of reason to tell you that you’re overacting and to pull your bloody head in.


This job should not be assigned to the faint hearted. This is a job for the only person in your life that can get away with telling you your butt’s too big for those jeans.

5. Put things in perspective.

If you live to be 86 you will have lived for approximately 31,390 days. Your wedding day is just one of those 31,390 days. And you know what?! So what if your caterer brought the wrong entree, there are bigger problems in the world.

6. Appreciate what is going right.

Even if there are 27 things that don’t go to plan, there are probably 105 things that do.

How wonderful is it that you get to see your Great Aunt that lives on the other side of the world? Just how often do you get to see your 5-year-old niece look super adorable as your flower girl? How many times have you experienced your groom making the most beautiful speech, one that had brought every single guest to tears?

Remembering to be grateful for the wonderful things that do go right on your day keeps you grounded on the day.

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7. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun.

Well paint me green and call me a cucumber. Your wedding day is actually supposed to be a joyous occasion. It’s supposed to be fun for all your guests but predominately fun for you and the groom. You have spent a lot of time, energy and probably a fair bit of money onthis day so make sure you enjoy it.

Smile lovingly at your new husband. Laugh at the funny speeches. Get down with your bad self on the dance floor. Have the best night of your life.

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Were you a Bridezilla on your wedding day?

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