Country music star Beccy Cole's love story belongs in a movie.

Australian country music star Beccy Cole has a voice you won’t forget. But did you know that her love story is every bit as memorable?

The 44-year-old from Glenelg, South Australia, entered the music scene at 14-years-old as a youngster with a booming talent. But there is nothing typical about Beccy Cole.

Cole met her partner, Libby O’Donovan, in 2012, after sharing the kind of “first look” story you’d think fell straight out of a script.

The country music star explained to Mia Freedman how the moment unraveled on this week’s episode of her No Filter podcast.

“I just saw this amazing face, smiling at me, and I just kept thinking, ‘wow, she is absolutely gorgeous,'” she said.

“I’ve never had that across the crowded room thing kind of happen ever before.”

Listen to Cole and O’Donovan explain what happened when their eyes first locked on No Filter.

The moment took place in the dusty airport of Western Australia’s Port Hedland, and although no words passed between them, something much more magical was exchanged.

“My bravest moment was when she looked away and I kept looking and then she looked back and I was still looking,” Cole said.

The pair didn’t meet until Adelaide’s Feast festival, when O’Donovan, a renowned cabaret performer, messaged Cole to ask if she’d join her on stage for a duet.

Beccy Cole, Mia Freedman and Libby O'Donovan. (Source: Supplied,)

Cole was initially hesitant to accept the request of a stranger but soon realised the seemingly anonymous message belonged to the beautiful stranger from the airport.

The country music singer shared what it was like to sing just a few feet from O'Donovan, knowing they were connected by more than just talent.

“I was just… staring at her..." she said.

Listen to their full story and the compelling tale of what it's like to tour rural Australia as an out and proud lesbian in this week's episode of #NoFilter.

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