Which singer has just come out as a lesbian?

Beccy Cole

She said she wanted to set an example for her 13-year-old son. She wanted him to see his mum “standing up and being true”.

And that’s why country singer Beccy Cole has spoken publicly about her sexuality for the first time. On Australian Story tonight, Cole reveals she’s a lesbian.

Cole – who has won 9 Golden Guitar awards – says she realised she was gay after her marriage to fiddler Mick Albeck ended  in 1999.

“It’s definitely uncomfortable if you’ve got a big part of yourself, if such an important part of yourself is a secret and kept inside,” she said.

“While you can have your privacy and all that, there are certain times and certain issues where I want to set an example to (my son).

“In the darkness of an evening, sometimes that has been a difficult thing for me to cope with over the years.

She said she had never hidden who she was from her son.

“What started me thinking about revealing this more publicly was he was bringing a friend home and said ‘Don’t worry mum, I haven’t said anything’.

“My 13-year-old son was trying to protect me.

“It’s such a crucial time for him and he needs to see his mum standing up,” she said.

Fellow country music singer – and Cole’s best friend – Kasey Chambers said: “She’s always felt like she’s holding something back from everyone.”
Her full story will be shown on Australian Story on ABC1 at 8pm tonight.