Rebecca Judd shares what parents of twins hear all the time. Her followers rush to agree.

It hasn’t taken long for Rebecca Judd to bond with her loyal fans about being the mother of twins just months after giving birth.

The TV presenter posted a photo on Instagram on Monday holding her twins Tom and Darcy, captioning the image, “‘Gee luv [sic], you’ve got your hands full.’ If I had a dollar…..”

Fans of Judd were quick to jump in with their own examples of how the uninitiated respond to a mum with twins, littering the comment section of her Instagram post with the types of comments they are inundated with on a daily basis.

“Gee luv, you’ve got your hands full.” If I had a dollar….. ????????

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The many, many comments included:

“‘You’re going to build big muscles carrying those two’ is another one I get all the time! #twinmumsrock.”

“Are they identical? Did you have them naturally? Are there twins in the family? Double trouble! Gosh how do you tell them apart? Do they have different personalities?’….. the list goes on.”

“I remember people asking me the same thing. Now the boys are one they say ‘gee those boys are close in age.’ Yep, like two minutes.”

“Or.. “Double Trouble.” The amount times I’ve heard that one.”

“My personal favourite is when anyone asks – ‘Are they twins?’ And I answer ‘no clones.”

“So true. I don’t bother telling them I have 4 other kids also. I love it though.”


“My twins are now 9, and I’d be retired if I had a dollar for that comment! The other one, ‘double trouble’.”

“That comment and the other 1000 classics, they just keep coming, after 8 months i’m almost over it… almost.”

Morning fellas!

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It’s been nearly two months since Judd gave birth to her twin boys, brothers for four-year-old Oscar and two-year-old Billie.

Speaking to Lisa Wilkinson and The Today Show earlier this month, Bec said the family are enjoying the chaos and are receiving great help from family.

“Next year, we are very excited, because my mum is moving over from WA,” Bec told Wilkinson.  “So she is going to live with us for twelve months.”

“An added bonus is that “Chris’ family also lives down the road – which is great,” the Jaggad entrepreneur said.

“I still feel like I’m fluking it and just getting through. I know it’s kind of an old cliche but they say take it one day at a time – I’m taking it one hour at the time and that’s just the way you’ve got to be.

“I’m just trying to slow it down and enjoy the chaos because it’s never going to be like this again – these are the golden days.”