Inside the nursery of our dreams Bec Judd has created for her unborn twin boys.

Rebecca Judd has taken her Instagram followers on a tour of her unborn twins’ nursery. And of course, with her amazing taste, it’s just as fabulous as we expected.

Decked out in beautiful furniture and decor, the room has a muted colour-scheme of greys, pale pinks and blues.

Showing off the modern room, the 33-year-old TV presenter and model tells followers where she bought each item, including a lightbox that is a Pinterest-lovers dream.

Judging by how quickly Bec’s pregnancy fashion and beauty choices sell out in Australian stores, we’re guessing these items will be appearing in nurseries everywhere very soon.

The soon-to-be a sold-out cot. (Image via Instagram/becjudd)

Judd recently threw a beautiful baby shower for her twins, complete with black and white balloons, an amazing white chocolate cake and trays of gorgeous hors d’oeuvres.

However, with just two weeks until her identical twin boys are expected, Bec seems to be (understandably) still getting used to the idea, commenting on her new cots that it "still freaks me out that there's two in here".

Judd already has two kids, Oscar and Billie, with ex-footballer husband Chris Judd.