Rebecca Judd had a very glamorous first night away from her newborn twins.

Three weeks on from giving birth to twin boys, Rebecca Judd has mustered up enough energy to leave the house for the first time, and naturally, she looked wildly glamorous in the process.

“Finally left the house (between feeds) to check out our finished Prahran home for @thestyleschool,” Judd captioned an Instagram image of herself on Monday evening. “It is looking sensational! Can’t wait for you all to see it.”

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The mum of four then ended the post with the champion hashtag #backinmytrackiesnow.

In all seriousness, how Judd cares for two newborn sons, 2-year-old daughter Billie, five-year-old son Oscar, and keeps up her business commitments, we have no bloody idea. But like all new mums, she deserves a million rounds of applause as far as we’re concerned.

Bec with husband Chris and their twin boys Tom and Darcy. Source: Instagram.

Sadly, because this is the internet, people took issue with Judd's post within minutes.


"A week on and look how skinny," one Instagram user wrote.

"You just had twins!!?? Doesn't even look like you had a big meal. Nothing. Are you human??" another added.

"I love this woman but farrrrrrr outttttttt, how does she do it," asked a third.

Holly Wainright learned Bec's time management secrets on I Don't Know How She Does It. Post continues... 

Thankfully, people came to the defence of the 33-year-old media personality and designer just as quickly.

"If anyone feels like Bec is rubbing her post-baby figure in their faces, that is on you, not her. She hasn't posted this to make any woman or mother feel bad about themselves. If this picture makes you feel anything negative they are your issues," one fan wrote.

Bec Judd with daughter Billie. Source: Instagram

"Gorgeous! And any opportunity to leave the house or doll yourself up after making 2 beautiful humans is fine with me! Keep on keeping on Mumma," another wrote cheerfully.

"Looking great ....and it's her insta she can post what she likes to all the negative nelly out there making it about them!!!," another added finally.

Judd in new mum nursing mode. Source: Instagram

Sadly, this isn't the first time Judd has come under fire since giving birth.

Two weeks ago, the model was criticised for a photo of herself in jeans, with fans labelling her "too skinny" and shaming the new mum on her (perfectly healthy) body.

A week earlier, Judd had been criticised for saying she planned to wear "fifty pairs of Spanx."

But really, as long as Bec and her growing family are happy and healthy, that's all that really matters.