Bec Judd: 'I've been really thin my entire life'.

We imagine being naturally skinny and growing up with the surname ‘Twigley’ inspired some pretty harsh playground smack-talk.

And Bec Judd (nee Twigley) has heard it all.

‘I’ve been really thin my entire life,’ Bec told The Daily Mail, in response to some of the awful Twitter comments she receives about her body.

Bec in one of her many memorable dresses at the Brownlow awards this year.

‘Just naturally, have a look at my mum, have a look at my sister. Even in school at six years old, seven years old, eight years old (I was) getting called skinny same as my mum when she was in school. It’s just who we are…I’m good.’

Bec has been the victim of some pretty horrible social media comments of late. Many have criticised her for publicly promoting a dangerously thin ideal A picture that she posted on Instagram earlier this year of herself in a bikini received a lot of criticism in particular.

A picture from Instagram @becjudd

‘How is this nice? Way too skinny.’

‘Eat something. Unfollowed,’

‘I would rather look the way I do now than look like this, this is so sad poor girl.’

‘Girl. You have an eating disorder.’

We’re huge promoters of size diversity here at Mamamia and recognising that beautiful doesn’t only come in a size 6 shape. But as the world slowly accepts that thin is not the only kind of attractive body shape for a woman; that shouldn’t mean we demonise thin women.

Body acceptance and positivity is about celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes. Being healthy and happy is ultimately what beauty is about and we’re glad to see Bec isn’t letting the haters get her down.

Bec Judd is definitely good at photos: