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Bec Judd's daughter leaves her mum red faced after trawling through her handbag at school.

When it comes to having a three-year-old rummage through your handbag, what’s the worst thing they could possibly find?

For Bec Judd, it was a box of tampons. But of greater concern for the mum-of-four was her three-year-old’s sound knowledge of exactly what they were and where they go.

Speaking on her radio show The 3pm Pick Up on Tuesday with Monty Dimond, Judd said a particularly awkward exchange occurred the last time her young daughter decided to rummage through her handbag.

“Billie is obsessed with going through my bag and I have got everything in there. So she pulled out this box of tampons out of the box and comes up to me and comes up to me in front of all the school mums – thank God it was the school mums – and said Mummy I’ve got these for your fanny!”

Judd said not only was she surprised that of all the things she was to pull out, it would be a box of tampons, but more than that, she had no idea how Billie had learned about the specific purpose of such an item.

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“I was like, how did you even know that’s where it goes?”

It’s not the first time Billie and Bec’s handbag has created a story-worthy anecdote.

“It took me back to sitting in a cafe when she was about one and a half and I had a g-string in my bag and she pulled that out and put it on her head like it was a hat,” she told the show.

The joy of toddlers…eh?