Rebecca Judd's latest Instagram snap has her followers totally dumbfounded.

Channel Nine presenter Rebecca Judd has posted two very different pictures of her pregnancy to Instagram this week.

Judd announced she was pregnant with twins in April this year and is around the six-month mark according to previous interviews and a healthy guesstimate.

On Saturday, Judd posted two photos of her current body shape that shows two sides to the same pregnancy.

The first image captures Judd from behind and seems to disguise her pregnancy altogether.

Source: Instagram.

Fans were shocked to see such an image of a pregnant woman and reacted in the comment section accordingly.

"You can't even tell you're pregnant with twins," one user said.

"Holy crap, she has twin babies in there somewhere," another user said.

"Spot the twins," one user joked.

The second image taken from the side and posted on the same day shows Judd with her belly in full flight.

@teamjaggad front view is a bit different ????. Catching some rare Winter rays ☀️

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on Jul 8, 2016 at 9:17pm PDT

The publication of two very different sides to the same pregnancy became a talking point for fans as they commended Judd for her contrasting shots.


"I thought what a clever photo hiding your tummy! But then you post this one! I love how natural and gorgeous you are!" One user wrote.

"Totally stunning Mama. A beautiful example to women everywhere," another user wrote.

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One user even joked about the contrast her own pregnant body made.

"When you post your own twins preggo photo and then see Bec Judd's....... lol," she said.

Judd casually proved no two pregnant bodies are the same in two photos of her own body. What have you done today?