Rebecca Judd learns why you never post a photo of a pram on Instagram.

There’s usually that one item in back of your mind that you’re currently obsessing over. A new pair or sunnies, a handbag or some new bling.

But one thing we usually don’t obsess over is a pram. That is of course, unless you are expecting.

And mum-of-two Rebecca Judd has just fallen into an unsuspecting trap after sharing some ‘pram porn’ on her Instagram account.

The model shared the below photo with the caption, “This pimped out ride! Almost enough to get me over the line for baby#3 @cybex_global” yesterday. 

Image via Instagram @becjudd.

And almost immediately, the baby speculation started swirling.

"Have you got an announcement to make???" One commenter questioned.

"You should def go for number 3!" prompted another.

The 32-year-old, who is married to former AFL star Chris Judd, is already mum to four-year-old Oscar and one-year-old Billie.

Image via Instagram @becjudd.

Judd wrote on her blog that she was ready for a third baby "within minutes" of her daughter's birth.

"With Billie, I was hitting my husband up for a third baby straight after delivering her (like literally within a couple of minutes). I just loved meeting our precious bundle and want to do it over and over again," she wrote.

Image via Instagram @becjudd.

Look, we don't want to speculate. It's possible the Aussie TV presenter is just really, really, REALLY into prams.

But then again - that seems like one hell of a teaser.

Stay tuned, folks.

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