Rebecca Judd's bikini snap after giving birth to twins had an interesting difference to her other photos.

Rebecca Judd may have only given birth to twin boys a little over a month ago, but that isn’t enough to keep her away from the pool.

The 33-year-old, who welcomed little additions Tom and Darcy via caesarean in late September, has shared a sunny selfie in a strappy one-piece with her 576,000 Instagram followers this week.

Interestingly, the mother-of-four has chosen to disable comments on the photo, something she reportedly hasn’t done before.

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The decision arguably comes as a result of the relentless trolling Judd’s received in the past.

Shortly after the birth of her daughter Billie, now 2, the TV host and entrepreneur wrote a scathing blog post of those who ‘skinny shame’. In particular, Bec took aim at The Daily Mail and Instagram trolls, who she strongly urged to “get a grip”.

“Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes,” Judd wrote in 2014, after a bikini mirror shot (below) taken months after the arrival of Billie saw her dominate national news headlines. “Let’s [not] ignore the fact that I’m never sick, am super fertile, have delivered two big, healthy babies, have the energy to work a million jobs and have ALWAYS looked like this.”


She continued: “I’ve never seen an article or a discussion on tv about a man’s body type and whether they’re a good or bad role model? Why is it ok to publicly judge a woman’s body and not a man’s?”

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The public’s response to Bec’s post was divided – some women said it was unfair for a beneficiary of the “genes lottery” to “play the victim”, while others praised the model for airing the impact of skinny shaming and the inherent sexism in critiquing women’s bodies.

Whatever your stance, we’re happy Bec no longer has to deal with unnecessary nastiness online.

* Mamamia reached out to Rebecca for comment but are yet to hear back.