Bec Judd was the butt of a Hamish and Andy joke and her face said it all.

Hamish and Andy caused quite a stir at the Logies this evening when the comedy duo decided to channel their inner Cupids with a spot of impromptu matchmaking.

The radio hosts were tasked with presenting the Logie for the Best Reality TV Show so, naturally, Married At First Sight sprang to mind.

For those who don’t know, the show uses ‘science’ to match couples who are a “flat out of success” *cough*.

Employing the same very scientific technique, the comedy duo analysed the room and announced a few perfect matches among the Australian television community.

First up, there was Waleed Aly and his wife Susan Carland. Obviously.

And then Andy pulled Bec Judd’s name out of the box, but it wasn’t her husband Chris’ that followed.

Oh right, yeah we know what's comin-NOOOOOO

"And her perfect match is Nine newsreader Tony Jones," the comedian announced, with a clip of the infamously uncomfortable farewell between the outgoing weather presenter and newsreader playing in the background.

"Tone you should have gone for that kiss mate, trust your instincts," Andy joked as the room audibly groaned at being forced to relive the memory of Jones trying to force a kiss on his co-star.

Judd, didn't look particularly impressed (fair enough) but handled the dig like a champ, and managed a resigned chuckle.


Hamish, eventually jumped in with a "no!" and a tongue-in-cheek apology.


"I'm so sorry, that's a mistake. What can I say? I don't know why the control room played that tape. We gave them that tape and said, 'please do not play this'. So that's an error," he said.

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