Bec Judd has a special ritual for preserving her positive pregnancy tests.


Every year millions of pee-on-a-stick pregnancy tests are taken by women across the world, but what becomes of those tests once the lines have shown up?

Most wee sticks are more than likely chucked in the bin. Or maybe they’re photographed and posted on Instagram by way of a birth announcement.

That is unless you’re Bec Judd in which case you  hold on to those used preggo wee sticks as a badge of honour.

“I’ve kept them all!” said the co-host of Mamamia’s pregnancy podcast, Hello Bump.

Judd’s co-host, Monqiue Bowley, was quick to ask what happens to the pregnancy tests in the mother of four’s household.

“I don’t know. Frame them?” Judd laughed before adding, “No, they’re in a little bag.”

Listen to Rebecca Judd and Monique Bowley talk all things pregnancy on Hello Bump. 

Judd has been pregnant three times and had four children with her most recent family addition being twin boys, Tom and Darcy.

She recounts the last time she did the wee on a stick thing and found out she was up the duff.

“I wrote number three on it…took the photo and sent it to my sister, my Mum, and a girlfriend.”

Bec Judd is no stranger to pregnancy. She's had three pregnancies and now has four beautiful babies to show for it.

"Every time I walk past I have a giggle because ha ha that's life playing a little trick on me...little did I know that's number three plus number four.

"I've just left number three on it because it's quite sentimental sending out that 'we're having our third baby' text message. Well that stick had a surprise for me didn't it!"

Want more pregnancy talk? Bec Judd shares how she found out she was pregnant with twins in the second episode of Hello Bump with Monique Bowley. 

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