Bec Judd has opened up a shop. Or a milk bar. It's hard to tell.


Bec Judd opened up a clothes shop today.

Well, she has some clothes in a shop. Maybe. It may be a milk bar. Help?

Instagram tells us that Bec and Chris Judd designed some fancy sportswear and called it ‘Jaggad’. According to Bec’s website, “it’s shit-hot exercise gear which not only goes the distance but can make the everyday exerciser (or not-so-every-day exerciser, ala me) feel amazing.”

And now it can be YOURS if you take a trip down to in Elwood, Melbourne (or order online). The shop is either called Jaggad, or Milk Bar, or #LifeAthletic. It’s kind of hard to tell.




But we are almost certain their sportswear has nothing to do with milk. We think.

Anyway, it looks good on Bec.



If anyone goes to the shop, let us know how it is.

‘Lycra’ or ‘Light milk’… help us out.

Motherhood, brand ambassador, TV presenter… Bec Judd is fingering a lot of pies.

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