Do you hate hospital food? Bec Judd has the perfect solution for you.


There are only two situations in life where food makes the experience worse.

On an airplane, and in hospital. And if you’re stuck in a sick bed, or in this case in a maternity ward, chances are mushy peas and dry, roast chicken coated in tasteless gravy is not what you feel like. At all.

However, television presenter and Hello Bump host Bec Judd has a very clever hack for avoiding hospital food and getting a delicious meal, whether you’ve just given birth, or are under the weather and in desperate need of a pick me up… Uber Eats.

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Yep. This is what Oprah would call an Aha! Moment.

Speaking on the latest episode of Hello Bump: The Pointy End, Judd revealed that when she was in hospital with the twins she nixed the plastic plates and ordered directly from the app.

“You just say what level you’re on and room, and they just drop it off at the nurses station,” she said.

“I was having the best food and coffee in Melbourne when I was in hospital with the twins. It was amazing.”

While we’re still wondering why we didn’t think of it first, being able to get a congratulatory coffee after months of abstaining kind sounds like heaven on our end, and for new mums that have gone through a massive transition, its the little luxuries that make the biggest difference.

In fact, it’s kind of genius.

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