Bec Judd shares the spooky story of the year she was haunted by a "ghost".

We learned something quite peculiar about TV personality, blogger and entrepreneur Bec Judd today.

Filling in for an ill Kate Langbroek on Thursday night’s edition of KIIS FM’s Hughesy and Kate Show, the mum-of-four shared that she spent a year being followed by a ghost as a child.

“I brought him [into the house] and then I needed this spiritual lady to help me get him out,” the 34-year-old said after admitting she does believe in goosebump-inducing spirits. “She told me what I needed to say to make him go away.”

Listen: Bec Judd is the co-host of Hello, Bump. She’s also had three baby showers and tells us it had nothing to do with getting presents.

Judd described the presence as a “male ghost”, and added he would only appear when her step-father was away for work.

“He would go into the bathroom and spray himself with JOOP aftershave… I think he wanted to smell good,” she laughed.

“It was only when my step-dad was away. I’d walk into it like it had just been sprayed… I’d feel the droplets on my face.”

Spooky, right?

According to Judd, the freaky presence hung around for “a good year” – between the ages of 12 and 13.

But wait, it gets even worse.

On one occasion, the model said a chopping board flew through thin air towards her mother in the kitchen. Now that’s enough to scare the bejesus out of any one – ghost believer or cynic.

Regardless of what you believe when it comes to paranormal activity, we can all agree that it’s a good thing Bec Judd’s life is now ghost-free.

Do you believe in ghosts?