The best job Bec Judd has ever had is not the one she currently has.

Judging by her Instagram, Bec Judd‘s job looks pretty great.

As a radio and TV host, Judd presents and travels for Postcards, runs a successful lifestyle blog and has designed several fashion and homewares collaborations.

Just last week, the 34 year old attended and filmed at a lunch at the National Gallery of Victoria to celebrate the new Dior exhibition wearing this spectacular dress.

“I love my job!” she even wrote.

But it’s not the best one she’s ever had.

On her weekly radio show the 3PM Pick Up with Monty Diamond, Judd said that her first foray into the world of employment was still her favourite.

The clincher? Pizza.

“I had the best job ever, my first job, working at Pizza Haven. When we were on a shift we could just help ourselves to all you can eat pizza. It was the best” she said.


But the delicious freebies did come with a price.

“Look I was 16 but, I had the worst pimples at that time because I was just slicked in that Pizza Haven oil,” she said.

“We’d make these concoctions with the cheese in the crust and the chilli sauce with chicken.”

The feast didn’t end there though. Judd’s sister worked at KFC, which meant she also had plenty of food to bring home.

“We just lived on pizza and KFC from the age of 16 to 18. It was the best ever!”

What was your first job and did you love it more than the one you have now? Tell us below.

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