Rebecca Judd: "I tasted my own breast milk and it was like a vanilla milkshake."

Channel Nine presenter Rebecca Judd, 34, knows a thing or two (or four) about modern parenting.

Judd regularly shares how she juggles her career while raising four young children on Mamamia’s pregnancy podcast Hello Bump with co-host Monique Bowley.

The latest episode of the Hello Bump podcast captured the presenter sharing something a little different about motherhood.

Judd told listeners she once tasted her breast milk with a teaspoon.

“I was just curious one day and I had a teaspoon so I thought I’m just going to put some on a teaspoon and try it, it was amazing,” she said.

Listen Rebecca Judd and Monique Bowley on the podcast Hello Bump. 

The mother-of-four compared the taste to that of a standard milkshake.

“It tasted like a vanilla milkshake – really sweet and milky and delicious.”

The topic had come up while Judd and Bowley were interviewing a woman about eating her placenta.

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Charity Cooper told the podcast hosts she incorporated the placenta from her second pregnancy into a smoothie.

“I put it in a smoothie, like berry smoothie, coconut water – like a full health thing,” she said.


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Cooper shared she had also tried her breast milk but didn’t enjoy the taste.

“It wasn’t my thing – it wasn’t my cup of tea,” she admitted.

“Was it not sweet? Was it not delicious like mine?” Judd joked.

Cooper said hers carried more of a bitter taste. Notes of aniseed, perhaps?

“Mine was bitter and weird – maybe it was just the day,” she said.

Want to learn more about the nitty and gritty elements of pregnancy? Listen to the full Hello Bump episode below.