Rebecca Judd posted a gorgeous bump pic. She definitely didn't deserve the response.

After spending a great day with friends and family celebrating the arrival of her twinsRebecca Judd shared a selfie on Instagram.

Dressed in a Dion Lee sleeveless turtleneck dress, no shoes and holding her bump, Judd, in her usual unicorn-fashion, managed to look fresh despite being exhausted after a long day.

“Taking these boys to bed – I’m cooked (literally and figuratively),” she captioned the snap.

Taking these boys to bed- I’m cooked (literally and figuratively)

A photo posted by Rebecca Judd (@becjudd) on Aug 14, 2016 at 1:48am PDT

The comment section quickly went from celebration to criticism as the body shamers came out. Again.


“Need a feed and some flattering clothing,” wrote one user. “I’m surprised her doctor didn’t confront this… I’m not trying to be rude but she seems pretty skinny, is it healthy to be that skinny especially with a baby,” wrote another.

“Stick insect,” and “Wtf so skinny” also appear numerous times, with plenty worse that appear to have since been deleted. (Post continues after gallery.)

It’s not the first time the 33 year old has found herself the subject of such vile comments.

There have been several occasions over the past few years where Judd’s health has been called into question due to her thin frame, including a 2014 bikini snap soon after giving birth to daughter Billie.

“Thin used to be a body type. Like a normal body type. Now it’s almost seen as an illness,” Judd told Mamamia on the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast earlier this year.

“I have always been thin. My mum is thin. She used to get teased for being thin so (my sister and I) knew we would too.”

Listen: Rebecca Judd addresses the ‘too skinny’ rumours. Post continues after audio.

Judd also wrote a post on her blog Rebecca Judd Loves back in 2014 addressing the constant speculation.

“Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people are naturally thin, some people are naturally bigger, some people are more athletic in tone, some people have minimal tone. We are all different  and we are all NORMAL,” she wrote.

“This is the message we need to project, not ‘Is Rebecca Judd a bad role model for being thin?’ Seriously? (Oh yeah and lets ignore the fact that I’m never sick, am super fertile, have delivered two big, healthy babies, have the energy to work a million jobs and have ALWAYS looked like this shall we?).”


Fortunately, Judd had plenty of followers coming to her defence on the latest post.
Watch: Bec Judd shares her makeup and skincare tips with Mamamia. Post continues after video.

“Some of these comments are absolutely disgusting!! You look beautiful Rebecca Judd. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise,” wrote one.

“People commenting nasty things like you guys don’t have a great impact on the younger generation either. Are you teaching them it’s ok to hide behind a screen and say horrible things about someone you know nothing about? Every woman carries differently. Something to think about,” wrote another.

Judd has had two healthy pregnancies, looks after herself and has access to some of the best pregnancy and health experts who are exactly that – people qualified to give comment and advice about her wellbeing as opposed to anonymous strangers online. Carry on doing your thing, Bec.

Image: Instagram/@becjudd.