Inside Bec Judd’s toiletries bag.

Images: Instagram

While most of us are gearing up for a hot summer, tv presenter and blogger, Rebecca Judd is packing for winter.

The 31-year-old is heading to Canada for the holidays and unselfishly let us take a peek at the travel beauty essentials she’s taking with her.

What's that? Need more detail? Of course you do.

Here are the 12 products that made the cut:

Wella SP Colour Save shampoo, $25.28, buy here.

Wella SP Colour Save conditioner, $25.28, buy here.

Go-To Skincare Exception-oil, $49.95, buy here.

Eleven Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray, $21.95, buy here.

L’Oreal Demro Expertise waterproof makeup remover, $11.69, buy here. 

Vital Greens Organic Travel Sachets, $57.99 (for a pack of 30), buy here. A superfood-packed vitamin powder you mix with water or a smoothie.

Sambucol Cold and Flu tablets, $15.69, buy here.

Aspect Dr Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, $44, buy here.

Aspect Dr Resveratrol Plumping Cream, $33, buy here. 


Apect Dr Active C Serum, $119, buy here.

Klorane Dry Shampoo, $11.69, buy here.

Proplenish Drinkable Marine Collagen sachets, $49.95 (for 30 x 3g sachets), buy here. This one helps to improve the appearance of hair, nails and skin - Bec Judd and her mum love it. (Thanks EliSue12.)

Bec Judd’s formal photos. Yes, they are as excellent as you imagine.

Zoe Foster, creator of Go-To Skincare, was quick to endorse Bec’s packing list. The beauty blogger regrammed her shot, with the caption: “@becjudd not only has exceptional taste in multi-purpose oils, but demonstrates extremely tight toiletries packing game for a winter trip. Being that I am off on my own winter trip next week. I'll post my essentials in the next few days cos as we all know, it's pervy and helpful seeing what other people recommend. Also it allows me to talk up my own skin care line, OBVS. #obvs @obvs"

Zoe also let slip that she will be uploading her own beauty packing list in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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And because we can't get enough of Bec Judd's snaps, here's a roundup of our favourite Instagram pics from the mum-of-three:

What are the must-have beauty products you take on holidays?