The key to planning the perfect babymoon, according to Bec Judd.

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The idea of a holiday when you’re heavily pregnant might seem like a huge hassle. Will your bathers stretch over that bump? Are you just going to be one hot, sweaty mess? Is there even any point in hitting a tropical resort if you can’t indulge in sashimi and cocktails?

But according to Bec Judd, a weekend gallivanting around the Gold Coast is just what the doctor ordered.

From the moment you peed on that stick, your mind has probably been consumed by babies. Devising birth plans, shopping for adorable tiny shoes, cursing your mother for never telling you your nipples would start to take over your entire boobs.

Yep, you need this. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty much your last opportunity to do it for the next few years.

“After you have a baby you are NOT leaving the house. It’s too hard,” the mother-of-four says.

“It’s your last chance to have a beautiful holiday before that newborn tornado takes over your life.”

Listen: On the Hello Bump podcast, Bec Judd convinced us we all need a babymoon. Even if we’re not pregnant. Post continues after audio.

So how do you take a babymoon when you can barely remember where you left your shoes?

Here are Bec’s tips for planning the perfect pregnancy escape.

1. Get your timing right

Make sure you go early, if you leave it too late and are heavily pregnant, you might not be allowed to fly. While every airline is different, once you reach around 20 weeks you’re going to have trouble getting on a flight.


On the other hand, if you’re still working, now is the perfect time for a break. Tell your boss you have very important pregnancy business to attend to and get out of there.

“It gives you an energy kick before the next trimester kicks in, it’s like a little reward for how far you’ve gone!” Bec says.

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2. Stay local

It might impress your Facebook friends but don’t go jet setting off to Europe. Keep your plans to Australia, and DO NOT GO REMOTE. Can you imagine taking a three hour bus trip to get to the nearest hospital if something goes wrong?

3. Go somewhere warm

This goes without saying really. As tempting as it might be to cure those night sweats by heading to a snowy mountain lodge and curling up by the fire with a hot choccy, the beach is calling.

“We did Broome, Palm Cove, Noosa,” says Bec.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

4. Enjoy yourself

What’s the point in shelling out for five star accomodation if you’re not going to sit back and bask in the luxury?

“Just go and enjoy, and get massages every day and sit on the beach and read a book and watch movies all day,” the TV presenter suggests.

And don’t be afraid to indulge. Ice cream, donuts, and just any good food to fuel your day.

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