Inside Bec Judd's incredible baby shower, celebrating her twin boys.

There’s only one thing to do when you’re Rebecca Judd and you’re expecting twins: throw the most epic baby shower ever.

But the television presenter and model wanted her followers to know it was a “non baby shower”, taking her followers behind-the-scenes of the set-up of the extravagant gathering.

“No games, no gifts – more of an afternoon tea with some lovely ladies (and gents),” she wrote on Instagram.

And despite her pregnancy fashion and beauty choices causing her chosen items to sell out in Australian stores, Judd revealed she “couldn’t be stuffed” to wear shoes for the special event at her home, saying she would rather wear her “havi thongs” with her Dion Lee dress.

Taking these boys to bed- I'm cooked (literally and figuratively)

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Bec shared behind-the-scenes videos of the set-up of the extravagant party on social media, showing black and white balloons being blown up, a white chocolate cake being decorated, and trays of gorgeous hors d’oeuvres being set up.

There will be plenty of flowers on display at the shower. Image via Instagram/Rebecca Judd.
It may look plain now, but Bec's cake was busy being decorated before the party started. Image via Instagram/Rebecca Judd.
Just a sampling of the food Bec Judd will serve her guests. Image via Instagram/Rebecca Judd.

Later in the evening, Bec shared a number of stunning pics from the party on her Instagram, showing off the amazing decorations. She even hinted that anything 'girly' had been banned from her house for the day, in honour of the two boys about make their debut in the house!

Epic balloon work guys @thestyleco @belleballoons

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Pink chairs and cushions were banished for the day. Thanks @danneventhire for the 'boy' chairs and ottomans.

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