23 times Bec Hewitt changed her hair colour.

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Going from blonde to brunette and back again is a traumatic experience most of us only want to attempt once in our lives. Not Bec Hewitt though.

After spending the last 45 minutes carefully researching the last eight years of her hair life we can safely put forward the claim that Bec Hewitt is a serial yo-yo dyer.

Just like ‘What happened to Iggy Azalea’s Aussie accent?’ and the other great mysteries of the world, consider this one solved. Strap yourselves in because we’re going inside the former Home and Away star’s journey from blonde to brown to brown to blonde, and sometimes both at once. You ready?

My $1200 hair mistake

Take a look at the 31-year-old on Monday night at the Australian Tennis industry’s version of the Logies, the Newcombe Medal. Rocking a smoky eye and peachy nude lip, it wasn’t her deeper-than-usual tan that caught our eye but her dark chocolate hair colour. Dare we say it? It looks good.

Earlier this month, she sported a streaked honey blonde bouffant at the Melbourne Cup.

In June it appears she was transitioning to blonde or couldn't decide so went with both blonde and brunette.

She opted for a shade of platinum blonde at the Australian Open in January this year.

Since if we were to keep going down this road you'd wind up with whiplash, take a look at all the times Bec Hewitt has changed her hair colour. Fascinating stuff, I think you'll agree.

But what does all this mean? Good question. Perhaps this is a deeper insight into her psyche that reveals how indecisive she is. Or with colour changes like these taking up to seven hours in the hairdresser’s chair, maybe she just has a lot of time on her hands.

Ever gone from brunette to blonde? Was it a regretful move? 

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