The Block's Bec Douros talks about her difficult 18 hour labour.

After suffering from a miscarriage three years ago, Bec and George Douros celebrated the birth of their son, Archie on October 30 this year.

The Block stars are overjoyed with the new addition to their family, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing when Bec went in to labour.

Bec and George Douros with baby Archie. Image via @becandgeorge Instagram.

The new mum has opened up about how her birth experience was quite a scary and traumatic one.

"I was in and out of consciousness. It was really scary, traumatic and incredibly overwhelming," she told Woman's Day.

As Bec's son was facing her spine and unable to turn around to the right position on his own, the 29-year-old explained that she ended up having a difficult 18 hour labour.

"I had to have a caesarean. But I started feeling really sick, and once they pulled him out, I was bleeding profusely and they couldn’t stop it," she said.

Bec and George before the birth. Image via @becandgeorge Instagram.

But the doting mum said once Archie was born and was laid on her chest she was overcome with emotions she didn't even know existed until that moment.

“There are no words to describe the feelings you have when you see your child for the first time," she added.

Bec loves her son. Image via @becandgeorge Instagram.

Archie is now six weeks old and a healthy bundle of joy. The Douros' are enjoying parenthood and are absolute naturals with their baby boy.

A week before their baby was born, Bec took us through her nursery. She didn't know the gender at the time so had some difficulty knowing how to decorate it. But it looked absolutely stunning. (We wrote about it here.)

We hope the rest of Bec's parenting journey is a joy.

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