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The Block's Bec Douros opens up about the pain of losing her mum to breast cancer.

Just weeks in to filming The Block Sky High in 2013, contestant Bec Douros experienced a deeply personal tragedy that played out in front of the cameras and the nation.

After a five-year struggle, her beloved mother Rosa died of breast cancer.

Four years on, the interior designer has opened up about her loss in an effort to highlight the invaluable support provided by the McGrath Foundation’s breast care nurses.

“I will never forget the wonderful nurses that helped my mother through her illness and were by her side as the illness took her life,” Douros wrote on social media.

“I remember thinking to myself how hard of a job that must be for them, to get so close to someone that you know very well may not come out the other end of what they were facing.”

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The heartfelt sentiment accompanied a video by the McGrath Foundation, in which Douros reflects on her mother’s story while speaking with one of the organisation’s 117 Breast Care Nurses Jo Lovelock and her patient, Samantha.

“My mum was in palliative care, dying, and still telling me she was going to be OK. I’m like, ‘I’m not stupid, mum’,” she tells the pair.

Jane McGrath’s best friend Tracy Bevan explains how the McGrath Foundation began and the work it does. (Post continues below.)

Giving birth to her son Archie in 2015, Douros says, changed her entire perspective on her mum’s approach to those final days.

“I was the one saying to her I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her,” she says in the video.

“And now that I’m a mum, that’s the hardest thing. Now I’m a mum, I get it. I get how you’ll do anything for your kids.”

To help more women benefit from McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses, please donate here.