WHAT? Bec and Lleyton Hewitt live in the Bahamas?

Our first response was the plainly obvious: SINCE WHEN?

The lovely Hewitt family (sans their kids) graced Flemington racecourse with their presence yesterday at the Melbourne Cup. Apparently, being in Australia is not as common as we thought for the tennis legend and his growing brood.

Bec and Lleyton Hewitt at the Melbourne Cup yesterday. Via Getty images.

While Lleyton was gushing about how Bec "scrubs up really well", we are actually more interested in where they have been living with their three kids Mia, 8, Cruz, 5, and Ava, 4.

And that place is the Bahamas.

The couple's Palm Beach home sold this week after six months on the market but they weren't shedding any tears over leaving Sydney's northern beaches.

"You know we've been in the Bahamas so long, so it doesn't really matter," Lleyton said.

"We can still always visit the northern beaches but we spend so much time in the Bahamas, we don't get there [Palm Beach] enough," Bec added.

And it seems the Bahamas is treating the Hewitts well, with Lleyton and Bec both giving their new homestead a thumbs up.

"Yeah, no it's great, it's really good. We've got some great friends over there and it's a good base for me - obviously with travel and stuff," Lleyton said.

"I love [the Bahamas]. I love the heat. And all three [kids] are in school, even Ava the youngest one. She turned four in October and she goes off in her little uniform and does Spanish five days a week."

Lleyton and his three kids.

"It's a good healthy lifestyle for kids," Bec said.

The Bahamas? Spanish FIVE time a week?

Did anybody else think they were still living in Summer Bay?!

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