Introducing: the hair and beauty trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2017.

If you’re into multi-purpose products, hairstyles that require little-to-no actual skill or stretching your blow-dry just that little bit further, then 2017 is most definitely the year for you.

Pinterest has released its annual ‘Pinterest 100’, which pin-points (couldn’t help ourselves, sorry) the top emerging trends in fashion, beauty, travel, health and home for the year ahead.

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The good news? 2017 is all about making life easier for you.

Scarves and wraps

Scarves and wraps will be decidedly on-trend, meaning you can easily disguise your second-day hair.

In other words, your slightly oily, slightly messy hair can be covered with a hair wrap and VOILA you are one trendy lady.


No-heat styling and natural hair

The year ahead will be all about the “no-heat hairstyle”, which, surprisingly, requires little to no skill to make your hair look amazing.

Searches and pins for ‘natural hair’ are up 35 per cent, while those looking for ‘shag cuts’ are up 188 per cent. So, if you ever go to bed with your hair wet so you can wake up with those “beachy waves”, then in 2017, you are most definitely a trendsetter.

When your mane behaves

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Braided top knots

If you fancy something a little more ~fancy~, you’ll be happy to hair that the “braided top knot” is the new “crown braid”. Combining a messy bun with a braid? Genius.


Multi-purpose beauty products

When it comes to makeup, nearly two million people have saved Pins for “multi-purpose beauty products”.

Think combination lip, cheek and eye tints. Saving money and saving time is SO IN for 2017. (Post continues after gallery.)


When it comes to nail and hair colour, it’s all about metallics: think silver ombre taking over from the traditional blonde looks, and chrome nails taking centre stage.

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