Sleeping Beauty: the best treatments to do at night

I get it. You’re a busy lass who doesn’t always have the time and energy to soak your tootsies, curl your hair and wait around for face masks to dry. But you still want to look like the dead-set fox you know you are. Well, next time you get home from work and can only think about face planting the pillow, set yourself up first.

There are some fantastic beauty treatments you can get working for you while you snooze the night away. Guaranteed to leave you looking gaw-jus in the morning.


Hair Masks

Apply the product to mid lengths and ends only to avoid flat hair. Image via istock images

Before you jump out of the shower and into your cosy bed, run some hair treatment or a mask through the mid lengths and ends of your hair. The longer you leave them in for, the better the results so by morning you'll be swishing those shiny locks every which way.


Be sure to squeeze out any excess moisture before applying the product and wrap your hair in a small towel (or just twist it up into a bun) when you get out of the shower. Use an old pillowcase or put a towel down before you drift off into the land of nod. Just be sure to rinse it out in the morning.

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Stylin' your do (the night before)

This won't work on the nights you're using hair mask (obviously since you're going to be rinsing it out in the morning), but for those nights when you wash your hair normally, this tip is a keeper.

Make sure to ring out as much moisture as you can from your hair before getting out of the shower and the comb through a leave in conditioner using a wide toothed comb or a tangle teezer brush. Then divide the hair into two (or three depending on your preference) sections and plait your self happy. Your hair will dry overnight (or you can give it a quick blast in the morning and by the time you take our your braids you'll be left with beach waves that will make Giselle envious.

Next time you're at the beach, get your hair ready for the next day by wearing it in a plait and using some real sea salt for texture. Sleep in it overnight and wake up to gorgeous waves. Image: istock


Face Masks

If your skin is feeling particularly dry and thirsty, get yourself a hydrating mask like Dermalogica's power recovery masque and let it do it's stuff while you zzzzzzzz.

After double cleansing your face, apply a light layer and sleep with a small hand towel covering your pillow to protect your sheets. You can do the same thing with a heavy moisturiser like Clinique's Power Surge Moisture Intense if you like but probably save your clay based masks for the waking hours or you'll risk dehydrating the skin even more. General rule is anything you can rub in can stay on, and anything that dries hard needs to be removed when the time's up.



Soft Tootsies

Dry, cracked feet in need of some love and attention? If a trip to the salon just isn't on the radar any time soon don't fret, pet.

Immediately after you get out of the shower at night, slather your feet in a rich, hydrating moisturiser. I find body butters work best for this (like the body shop ones... mmmmmm coconut...)


Now, when I say slather your feet, I mean coat the bejeebus out of them. Don't rub the cream in. Instead, grab some old socks (you should probably do this before slathering your feet to be perfectly honest. Don't walk that goop all through the house) and pop them on.

"Errr can't you see I'm getting gorgeous?" Image via istock

Overnight, the heat from the socks will enable the cream to absorb well leaving you with smooth, touchable hooves just ready for a foot massage (any takers? anyone?)



Healing spots

You naughty little sausage! No matter how many times you've been told, you still pick your spots, don't you? And now you're left with a nasty scab in the middle of your face, which is way worse than it would have been if you just left the bloody thing in the first place!? Yeah, I'm guilty too.

Did you know though that night is the perfect time to start being nice to your face and healing those spots? Well, it is. While we sleep, our skin uses the time to regenerate and repair itself.

You can help it along by using a hydrating oil or cream but I have found the best treatment for healing spots is actually baby bum cream. No joke. Bepanthan cream is my go-to, fail proof cream to apply to any persistent spots (after the infection is cleared). It stays on well and has an emollient base which provides a perfect healing environment.

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Treat yo' self

Well, your pimples that is. It's not exactly subtle (or commonly accepted to walk around in public) with white globs of pimple cream on your face. Tres sexy.

Instead, use your wink time to blast any infections you may have bubbling under the surface. My preferred treatment for spot pimples is Benzac Peroxide. It works fast and is is available in different strengths depending on the condition and sensitivity of your skin. A word of warning though. It is peroxide, which means it will bleach your clothes. I learned this the hard way. Apply it after shoving your head through your jarmies top.

Do you use your sleep time to multi task with beauty treatments?