LOOK: Scientists 'blended' the faces of thousands of women. The results are amazing.


These images were created by a team of researchers at a Scottish university. They used computers to align numerous faces of women in 40 different countries, to construct and image of the ‘average’ face in each country.

The results? Are somehow transfixing…


By blending faces, you inevitably remove a lot of marks or imperfections. You also tend to get faces that are more symmetrical. The result? The images are extremely beautiful.

And that is exactly the reason these images have received widespread criticism.

Apparently the women are ‘too’ pretty.

It’s true that in addition to the technological reasons for the attractiveness of the women’s faces, the average age looks to be about 21 – which isn’t exactly reflective of reality.

Nonetheless the images are incredibly interesting and a really interesting portrayal of cultural diversity.

What do you think of the images? Are the women shown ‘too beautiful’ to be considered an average, or do you think that they should just be appreciated for what they are?