Things that happen while you sleep (that prove beauty sleep isn’t a total myth).

Thanks to our brand partner, Olay

From dermatologists to Disney movies, we’re constantly being told that beauty sleep should be an integral part of every woman’s daily routine. While not getting enough sleep often means it’s difficult to function properly, how does it actually affect our skin?

We spoke to Amy Erbacher, a skin expert at Olay, to find out what actually happens to us and our skin when we sleep and why beauty sleep is so important.

Why is sleep important for the skin?

“Sleep is important for our entire wellbeing because that’s when our body rests and repairs itself. The skin is no exception: cellular renewal occurs when we are sleeping, and it’s especially effective at this time because we’re not fighting the environmental stressors our body deals with during the day.”

How does not getting enough sleep show on your skin?

“The signs of tired skin are very easy to spot: it becomes dull, lifeless and dark circles often form under the eyes. Our skin barrier also weakens, becoming dehydrated and sensitive (more prone to blemishes and breakouts); it also often means we are more likely to come down with illness.


Tired skin becomes becomes dull, lifeless and peppered with black circles. Image: Pexels.

We have to look after our skin, and we can do that in two ways: internally, which means having a good diet, drinking lots of water and getting lots of rest, and topically, which is about what products we put onto our skin. Our skin is porous, so whatever we put onto our skin enters into our body.”


Why doesn't skin repair during the day?

“It does, however during the day, we are dealing with environmental stressors, such as harsh UV rays, dirt, grime and air pollutants, as well as makeup, which means that our skin doesn’t have much of a chance to stop and repair itself."

Is it necessary to have a different skin regime for the day and night? Why?

“Yes. Because we’re battling environmental stressors during the day, it is necessary to use products that protect the skin whilst also nourishing it.

Skincare products made specifically for night time, such as the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Night Cream, are formulated to work with the skin’s natural repair rhythms and reverse the signs of ageing during the night, when our skin is clean and its natural repair process accelerates.”

There are a number of different products available for skincare. What are products that are essential for your night routine?

“Night-time beauty products are often more concentrated than their day-time counterparts to aid the process of cellular repair and skin rejuvenation.

Olay Regenerist has three key products; the Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence, which is applied first to prep the skin and ensure the delivery of key ingredients of the following skincare products to the skin; the Micro-Sculpting Night Cream which helps aid cellular repair and renewal at night, and the Micro-Sculpting Cream which is proven to help nourish skin while also protecting it from environmental stressors, and is a great option for during the day when our skin is more vulnerable.”


“The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for skincare products is the ingredients in them and the way they have been formulated." Image: iStock.

What’s so special about Olay Regenerist?

“The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for skincare products is the ingredients in them and the way they have been formulated. That’s what I love about the Olay Regenerist line, because there’s a dedicated team of scientists who have tried and tested the ingredients and how they work together to repair our skin. Yet, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, which makes beautiful and healthy skin more accessible.

Australian women are quite particular about the ingredients they put into their bodies and onto their skin. The blend of Amino-peptides, OliveM (an antioxidant), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Lyslastine (Natural Dill Extract), Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerol in the Regenerist range works together to help your skin perform at its youthful peak.

The Amino-peptides are pro-collagen molecules that help the skin to fight wrinkles and keep the skin firm and youthful-looking, with Hyaluronic Acid & Glycerol further working to moisturise and plump up the skin, and the dill extract aids in improving the skin’s elasticity. Vitamin B3 helps promote cellular renewal and the antioxidants work to fight free radicals that attack the skin’s surface.

The thing that’s special about Olay Regenerist is that all these great ingredients speak to each other to get the most out of your skin. Like any good routine, regular, consistent usage is key, and when you couple that with a healthy diet and plenty of water and rest, you’ll be able to see that your skin is more vibrant and youthful looking.

There you have it folks, the experts can agree that beauty sleep is real and it’s necessary. So if anyone gives you a bad time for sleeping in ever again, you can tell them that you were just working on your skin’s wellbeing. It’s science, guys.

How do you ensure you're getting adequate beauty sleep?