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Brisbane beauty queen savagely bashed by a group of women.

A Queensland beauty pageant contestant has been left bloodied and bruised after being attacked by a group of women in a nightclub bathroom.

Elise Chambellant, 20, was pushed the ground and punched repeatedly in the head after attempting to break up a fight at a venue in the inner Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley at around 1am on Sunday, according to The Daily Mail.

The model, who is due to compete in Miss Universe Australia, said the attack by the unknown women lasted about a minute before a man intervened.

Image: Facebook.

"A girl just clawed me in the face and when I tried to defend and push her back, they all just launched at me," she told The Daily Mail.

"The first girl punched me about six times in the face and after they belted me in the back of the head."

Chambellant filed a police report and was taken to the emergency room, but luckily escaped with bruising, a swollen lip and a mild concussion. Were it not for her training in martial arts, Chambellant belives it could have been much worse.

"They weren't just trying to push me around," she said, "they were trying to injure me badly, very badly."

Image: Facebook.

Chambellant posted about the incident on her Facebook page, saying she was left "lost for words" by the senseless violence.

"Is this the type of society we have become? Is this it? Do we just throw in the towel now and give up on ever having safe and secure places to enjoy ourselves without getting bashed senseless?", she wrote.

"Do we not all yet understand that this is how people die?"