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LEIGH CAMPBELL: I test hundreds of beauty products a year. Here's the best of 2022 so far.

I test beauty products for a living.

I know, it's a real job - lucky, huh!

I've been doing it for almost 20 years, too, so I reckon I have probably road-tested tens of thousands of products. From countless hair masks to feet masks, and everything in between.

Each year brands launch a plethora of new products, and whole new brands pop up with entire ranges. It boggles my mind that people are out there still coming up with new products to create, and yet the industry just keeps growing and growing.

As it grows, so can the confusion around that to buy, what's good, and what's worth the cash.

That's where I step in.

Out of the hundreds of products I've tested out in 2022 so far, the below list is a rundown of what I reckon are worth every cent.

Summer Fridays Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum, $66

The name of this serum alone is enough to buy it. Who doesn't want a 'dream oasis'? And who could say no to 'deep hydration'? Shallow hydration ain't it.

Summer Fridays Dream Oasis Deep Hydration Serum. Image: Supplied. 

Thankfully, the product in the bottle is as good as the name implies. It's a hydrating serum, so while it's not particularly active it's going to seriously plump your skin, puffing out fine lines and giving your complexion a massive drink. I wear two pumps over my Vitamin C serum and legit look like I've had a fancy facial. It's excellent.

Naturium The Glow Getter Multi-Oil Hydrating Body Wash, $27.95

My You Beauty co-host, Kelly, recommended this body wash and after she described it on the show, I knew I had to have it. Turns out she was right, it's LUSH.

Naturium The Glow Getter Mutli-Oil Body Wash. Image: Supplied. 

A hugely generous 500mls in a pump pack, the formula itself starts off slippery like an oil but then emulsifies and foams up to give a thorough clean. Your skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated after - you might skip body lotion if you're feeling lazy. Notable mention from this brand is also the Phyto-Glow Lip Balm. Actually, everything I've tried from Naturium has been really impressive.

McoBeauty Highlight and Glow Beauty Wand in Pink Glow, $28

Nine out of 10 times when I'm told I'm looking really well it's when I have this glowy stuff on my cheeks.

Mcobeauty Highlight & Glow Beauty Wand Pink Glow. Image: Woolworths/Mamamia. 

It's part highlighter, part blush, and offers the perfect amount of luminosity to make it look like you just did a Yin yoga class and now you're off to make a green smoothie (even if you're far from it).

 Natio Ageless Hydrating Face Fluid SPF 50+, $22.95

Ageless Hydrating Face Fluid SPF 50+. Image: Natio/Mamamia. 

The regulations around personal recommendations of sunscreens prevent me from giving you a review of this sunscreen, so all I can tell you is this definitely makes the list.

Dr Naomi Skin Led It Glow Anti-Ageing Light Therapy Mask, $595

If I had a dollar for every time I'm asked if at-home LED masks actually do anything and if they're worth the money I would have about $137 dollars.

The answer is yes; they are great. Not quite as powerful as the lamps in-salon, but you use them far more frequently, so the results are on par.

LED it Glow. Image: Dr Naomi/Mamamia. 

Speaking of usage, you MUST use it at least four times a week for it to be worth your cash money. Results you can expect to see include more glow and luminosity and more effective penetration of your skincare. 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for Scalp, $21.80

I have a love/hate relationship with my scalp, mostly because it hates me and that's probably because I give it zero attention. Who wants to focus on the scalp when there's so much other fun to be had in beauty?! 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA for Scalp. Image: The Ordinary/Mamamia. 

Scalp care is an emerging category, and it's growing at a rapid rate. Think of your scalp as an extension of your face, and the 'root' (geddit?) of healthy hair. Since I've been using this serum, my scalp has been far less itchy, I don't get breakouts in my hairline and my hair feels healthier.

James Cosmetics Eye Mask, $35 (for a pack)

Not new to 2022, but I am wearing a set as I type this very article, so it would be remiss of me not to mention them. These eye masks hydrate and refresh the eye area, making makeup glide on much easier. 

James Cosmetics Eye Mask. Image: James Cosmetics/Mamamia. 

If I use a pair before getting ready to go out my concealer no longer sets in my creases and overall I just look more vibrant and put together. I love them, and I don't have a favourite 'flavour', they're all great. 

QV Face Hydrate And Renew Serum, $20.75

Kelly and I both had this as our Savey on the podcast a little while ago, which I think has only happened one other time in the show's history.

EGO QV Face Hydrate and Renew Serum. Image: Priceline/Mamamia. 

This serum is incredible for the price. It's anti-ageing and hydrating, with niacinamide and panthenol. Say what, I hear you ask? Essentially, it's going to visibly improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines, all for the price of a good sandwich. If you're into more bougie serums for the face, consider this one for the chest and neck to save some coin while still treating the important below-the-chin area.

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm in Mist, $53

Is it a gloss? Is it a balm? Is it a lip plumper? It's all three! 

Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm. Image: Mecca/Mamamia. 

This super nourishing formula plumps out lips without stinging or feeling like ants are eating your lips off. The colours are the perfect wash of pigment and the shine is on another level, all while it fights flakes. It's that good.

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