An $8 hair mask and a glow-boosting night cream: 6 products that'll give you instant results.

Sucker for instant results? While we all know it takes time and consistency to achieve noticeable results from most beauty products — especially skincare — nothing beats instant satisfaction.

Just ask You Beauty listener Michelle, who asked Lucy and Kee on a recent episode of 'Beauty Besties': "Girls, call me lazy, but I can't really be bothered with products where it takes months to work. I'm more of an instant results person. Do you have any hair and skin products that can give me a glow up literally in a matter of days? Or hours? Even less?

And honestly, Michelle is our kind of girl.

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While there are plenty of products that take a solid four to eight weeks to see true, noticeable results, there are some golden nuggets that dish out results, instantly.

Here are Kee and Lucy's favourite list of products for instant results.

OLE HENRIKSEN Dewtopia 5% Acid Firming Night Crème, $90. 

Image: Sephora/Canva.


"She is boujee. It's $90 for 50mls which is spendy but hear me out. I use this maybe once every two weeks. It's not like an 'every night' moisturiser for me — it's too strong to use every night and they recommend you ease it into your routine. When I use this, I use no other actives at night (no retinol, etc.) and just let this do its thing. It is so good for exfoliating, for re-texturising, brightening — but please, SPF the next day I feel like it's really strong but not irritating. I just wake up glowing." - Lucy.

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask, $51.48.

Image: Sephora/Canva.


"It's a new brand to the Australian market, and I have heard the textured hair girlies online love this mask. Talk about hydration — after just one use you immediately feel and see the benefits. My hair slurps up all that good stuff. It's thick in the best way possible, and super nourishing.

"You still get volume and styling but my favourite thing is that when I'm climbing in the shower, I don't have to do a lot of combing. It softens your hair enough that you're able to comb it through even in three or four-day wash hair. The other thing I love about it is that it has this amazing fragrance. As a curly-haired girl, for some reason brands make textured hair products smell so sweet and bubblegum-y. I don't understand why can't we be luxe like the straight-haired girls! Anyway, apparently this scent is so popular that in the salons, they actually sell it." - Kee.


L'Occitane Shea Nail & Cuticle Oil, $22.

Image: L'Occitane/Canva.

"I don't go anywhere without cuticle oil. My nail salon makes their own, and it's unbelievable. But I also like the L'Occitane one. It has a little brush on the end that you squeeze and it makes it really easy to apply. It just instantly makes me feel better about my nails and my hands." - Lucy.

FRESH Sugar Lip Polish, $27.

Image: Sephora/Canva.


"If you've got crusty, dry, flakiness going on with your lips — even if you don't — this is a physical exfoliant. Think, sugar granules. You buff this into your lips, wipe away the sugar and the dead skin cells and it leaves them feeling really moisturised and not stripped. Then you go ahead with the lip mask or lip balm over the top." - Lucy.

Pantene Pro-v 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Conditioner, $8.

Image: Pantene/Canva.


"You can get this for $5-10 for 190 mls. That's why we love Pantene — and this leaves my hair so soft. You use it as a conditioner but you don't necessarily have to use the matching shampoo. Sometimes if my hair is a little bit dry and needs a little bit of lovin' I put this in, clip it up for three minutes and then wash it out." - Lucy.

OUAI Hair Gloss, $62.

Image: Sephora/.Canva.


"I've also been using this recently, and it makes my hair very soft and shiny and smells amazing. The scent is sexy and rich and luxe, not sweet not sugary. I used so much the first time I tried it — almost as much as I would with conditioner. It was wayyy too much. I tried again with a little pea-sized amount and it was excellent. Just focus on the length and the ends and stay away from the roots!" - Lucy.

Have you tried any of the above products? Which skincare products give your face instant results? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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