Eight graphs that accurately depict our daily beauty fails.

Picture this:

You hair looks perfect. Something just went right this morning, and you’re left with a glorious cross between bed-head and salon-shiny. After five minutes of flipping it in the mirror, you step outside, ready to dazzle the world.

And then a huge gust of wind brings in a sideways shower of rain, and BOOM. You’re a drowned rat.

Every. Damn. Time.

If that sounds familiar, then this is for you. All the times that beauty and life just did NOT get along, in eight perky hand-made graphs.

1. Also known as “the Second Eye Drama”.

Exception to the rule: make-up artists.

Watch: Hide your bad hair day with Kim Kardashian inspired braids. Post continues after video.

2. The reason that most of us just can't have red nails.

Why do you ALWAYS suddenly need something from your handbag?

3. Somehow, on the important days, the more you WANT good hair, the less it wants to BE good hair.

You should never have fiddled with it. DAMMIT, LIFE.

Whatever state you find yourself in today, the essential beauty product is a sensible one: sunscreen. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. It's like my chin can HEAR the camera coming.

If only high-def was never invented.

5. For those of us who only sneeze once a damn day, at the worst moment.

Ah... Ah.... Ah......... Oh thank God. AHCHOOOODAMMIITTTT

6. The law of limping.

Also, cut glass. Also, gum.

7.  The one we discussed earlier. Because nature wants you to look rubbish.

There is no middle ground here.

8. That nude matte lipstick that was juuuuust right, has juuuust disappeared.


No wonder we immediately take selfies when we look good.

Right? Guys? ...Anyone?

Feature image: iStock.

Has life ever gotten in the way of your perfectly prepared beauty moment?