A beauty blogger has given herself a 'luxury' facial and we're not inclined to try it.


Here’s something you may or may not have already known: apparently, luxury skincare brands have been using “snail serum” in their products for a few years.

Snail serum is said to reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars and dark spots, and make skin “plumper”, and brands like Napoleon Perdis and Immunocologie have jumped on board.

I’ll give you a second to run to your bathroom cabinet and throw every skincare product you own in the bin in disgust.



If it wasn’t bad enough that companies are sneaking snails onto our faces in their expensive creams (excuse me while I vomit), one price-conscious beauty blogger  has decided to take snail face care to the next level.

Yep, the blogger “OliveSkinBeauty” caught “wild” snails from her garden and let them crawl on her face.

Image via Instagram.

Because she's only mostly insane, she acknowledged that what she was doing was both terrifying and disgusting.

"I'm going to try not to scream," she said as the snails starting sucking out her soul through her skin (or at least I imagine that's what was happening).

But in the end, she decided it wasn't so bad.

"When I had them on my face it felt kind of nice, it was soothing," she said. "I felt the slime on my face."

Well. I suppose that's...

Still so gross.

Oh, and one Instagram commenter has helpfully pointed out that snails can spread flesh-eating bacteria, so if you were still thinking of trying it at home, I'd solemnly suggest that you don't.

Watch OliveSkinBeauty put snails on her face...

Video via OliveSkinBeauty