CULT BUY: The impossibly tiny makeup sponges that fixed my concealer problems.

I must admit, when I first saw these two teeny tiny green balls I was very sceptical. They’re so… little.

I’m a makeup artist so I’ve seen (and tried) almost every weird and wacky beauty tool out there. But these Beauty Blender Micro Mini makeup sponges (two pack for $22) had me wondering how something so small could really do anything?

If you’re someone who swears by the cult genius of Beauty Blenders, there’s a good chance the mini version of the original product has winked at you from up on the chemist shelf or caught your eye in your Instagram feed.

Oh hey there little guys. Image: Mamamia Shopping.
SO LITTLE. Image: Mamamia Shopping.

They claim to have 'the laser focus that will unlock the secret to impeccable makeup application'. Its 'revolutionary applicator' is supposed perfect your under eye concealer, brow bone and cupid's bow highlighter and cover up annoying acne spots.

But are the Beauty Blender Micro Minis actually useful? Or will they become just another thing taking up space in your overcrowded makeup bag?

I put them to the test to find out if they can solve my biggest concealer pet peeve.

When I first opened up the packaging, it again struck me just how little these Beauty Blenders are. They're slightly bigger than an almond but not quite as big as a grape, and have the trademark Beauty Blender curved bottom and pointed tip. Their texture also feels exactly like the Beauty Blender I use for my base.


But once I started applying the concealer using the sponge, I could see why these little guys are so popular.

The thing I like best about these mini Beauty Blenders is the way they can get into every crevice and hard to reach spot around your eyes larger sponges or brushes can't. Like in the corners of your eyes or right under your lash line.

Me getting riiiight into the corner of my eyes with the micro mini Beauty Blender. Image: Mamamia Shopping.
And again with the ever handy front cam. Image: Mamamia Shopping.

I'm honestly surprised at just how good this size is - I'm looking at it and thinking it's so tiny, but it's actually the perfect under-eye size for applying concealer.

I'm also really impressed with the sponge's application. People love Beauty Blenders because they allow you to push and press product into the skin for a flawless, airbrushed finished.

These mini Beauty Blenders achieve the same result - I didn't need much concealer to get a nice, even coverage that was well blended into my foundation.


One thing to be wary of with Beauty Blenders, especially small ones likes these, is not overdoing it with the amount of product you're using. Although Beauty Blenders won't suck up all your product, you don't want any to go to waste by being too heavy handed.

I always apply my concealer to the back of my hand rather than directly onto the sponge because it's the easiest way to take control of the amount of product you're using.

Too much product also defeats the purpose of a Beauty Blender. With this kind of tool, you don't want to get too much product on them because then you'll just be sponging it on as opposed to pressing it into the skin.

An extra tip - you can also use the pointed end of the sponge for your liquid or cream concealer and then flip it to set with powder using the rounded end to get rid of under eye creases. This would leave the other sponge free to blend in your brow bone and cupid's bow highlighter, or to have as a back up while you're cleaning the other sponges.

These types of little sponges do need to be cleaned more regularly than your bigger Beauty Blenders, I'd say at least once a week with some shampoo or baby soap.

Overall I think these mini sponges are perfect for applying concealer thanks to the much-loved traditional Beauty Blender sponge, but in the smaller, more precise size.

If you've been using and loving Beauty Blenders for your foundation, these guys will make a great addition to your beauty toolkit.


You can find the Beauty Blender Micro Mini makeup sponges (two pack for $22) and other Beauty Blender products on Mamamia Shopping.

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