A woman is applying her makeup with testicles and WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

Beauty bloggers have given us plenty of useful, nifty shortcuts over the years, and for that, we are truly grateful.

But there’s one hack that’s truly taken over the internet in 2017: the beauty blender.

Beauty blender
A pair of beauty blenders in their natural habitat. Image via iStock.

As if dabbing your face with a tiny, bright pink sponge doesn't sound bizarre enough, people soon started covering them with condoms and going to town on their skin.

Then, someone showed us that a normal, everyday tampon could also be used to apply your daily face coverage.



Now, another blogger has shown us that foundation can be easily and properly applied with a pair of testicles and I'M SORRY I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE.

Clearly, this 'hack' means someone wants to set fire to all that is good and happy in the world.

The fact this is a thing that actually exists makes me want to frantically google 'how I can erase every memory I've ever had'.

Also, how do I clean my eyes a thousand times without having them fall out? WHY IS THERE NO BEAUTY HACK FOR THAT?

SEND HELP PLZ. Image via Giphy.

You're probably wondering how this groundbreaking scientific discovery came about.

(Oh god, now I'm making accidental puns and MAKE IT STOP.)

18-year-old Johnna Hines, from Florida in the US, was just attempting to put on her makeup when her boyfriend, 20-year-old Damon Richards, decided to put his balls on her head.

Because, LOLZ TESTICLES, amiright?

We'll pass on this, thanks. Image via Twitter.

"I made a joke about using them as a beauty blender and we literally just looked at each other and started laughing and made the video from there," Johnna told BuzzFeed News.

After first uploading the video to Instagram (yes, we get the irony that you can post a video of balls being used as a makeup sponge on Instagram but not a nipple), Johnna then shared the video on Twitter.

It's now been re-tweeted more than 30,000 times. (Oh, and it's here if you really want to see.)

We have to give this couple props for being so comfortable in each other's company that this is even a topic that would come up (oops?) in conversation.

But applying foundation is an arduous enough task as it is, without having a pair of testicles to grapple with.

I think it's all time we took a little break from the beauty blender trend. Have a little lie-down, maybe take a nap, and don't wake up until this image is well and truly erased from the Internet forever.

Or you know, just do this for 77 years.