What a surprise. More of those "nerdy" Geeks turn out to be handsome.



There were tears and tans all round.

Two of the Geeks got their makeovers last night on Channel Seven’s reality show Beauty And The Geek.

And it was an emotional journey.

They had a big act to follow after last week’s makeovers ended with one of the Geeks getting an underwear modelling contract. That’s a gold standard, right there.

First up we have Dylan.

Dylan is 19, from WA, and is a passionate gamer and app-developer (yup, he is). This was him before:


Cue a whole lot of hair removal and a bit of a spray tan, and this is him now:



That’s Dylan looking in the mirror for the first time. This is what happened straight afterwards:




Much overwhelm.

Watch Dylan’s makeover here:

And then we have Shaun. Shaun is a naval avionics technician. He’s a massive Star Wars fan and 21 years old.


Yes, that’s a curly moustache. Once again, hair removal and spray tans happened (and contact lenses). And then he looked like this:



Shaun got emotional. And so did ‘we’.



And watch Shaun’s makeover here:

Congratulations boys. Now your facial hair and skin colour matches your beautiful insides. Or something like that.



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