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Beautiful people dating site gives ugly people makeovers. began a noble campaign some months ago: To maker the world a hotter place one ugly person at a time. The dating website exclusively for beautiful people started offering makeovers to the people they deemed unworthy of their affections.

Ridiculous as that sounds, thousands and thousands of people applied to get beauty, exercise, and diet coaching from the genetically blessed.

Here are just a few of the results.

Here is Polish student Aleksandra Pieczek, when she was rejected from the website.

And here she is after the treatment. She’s a cheerleader and a model now:


Here’s Alexander Siegwardt before he started working out every day for nine months to get accepted by this website:


Aaaand here he is, post make-over, when the website finally accepted him into their exclusive dating community:


Earlier this year, Kate Leaver wrote: 

There’s only one problem with running a dating site exclusively for beautiful people: You’re not making money from the ugly ones.


This charming gentleman called Greg Hodge has exactly that problem, with his borderline-psychotic website


Hodge launched the site so that excessively attractive people can find one another and mate, for a membership cost of US$16/month. Anyone can upload their photograph to the site, but they will only be accepted if the already signed-up members of its hot, superficial community vote to let them in.

It’s superficial Darwinism and quite frankly, it’s perverse and revolting.

Perverse, revolting, and lucrative, that is. The dating site currently has 750,000 members around the world and Hodge is busy working on ways to make more money from his cesspit of babes. At the moment, 9 out of 10 people who submit their hottest photo for approval are rejected by the site. According to Hodge, 7.5 million people have been rejected from his idiot site.

Which upsets the charming Hodge and stops him from satiating his beastly hunger for cash.

“This hurts me… I see dollar signs walking out the door. It’s a tough business model because most of the people that knock on the door don’t get in.”

I think it’s best we imagine that Hodge said that at some kind of conference for the morally bankrupt, dropped his mic, and exited stage left to the sound of his own personal theme song:

The man sees human beings looking for love and validation online as walking dollar signs. There’s no wonder he needed to create his own global network of humans with that scary mix of lust, insecurity, and over-confidence to validate his existence.


Old mate Hodge has just decided to do something he probably thinks is quite noble: Allow the very hot people who pay him to find other hot people to bang…. the opportunity to “Adopt An Ugly Person”.


So, conventionally unattractive people can apply to get a Beautiful Person Mentor on the site and work on improving their appearance until they’re deemed to be an acceptable person to look at/talk to/shag. Beautiful People can choose to adopt the uglies at their leisure.

Before you ask, “Who would ever apply for such a moronic, exploitative, insulting thing?” The program is already a success. 600 people applied within 48 hours and it continues to expand, as more Beautiful People volunteer their time and beautification skills to the less fortunate among us.

One the one hand, this is fucking awful. Greg Hodge is helping humanity reach peak superficiality. He’s making money out of our basic need to feel desired and he’s created an exclusive community of genetically blessed people.

On the other hand, isn’t that what Hollywood has been doing for years?

Am I being too harsh? Is there anything morally redeemable about a dating service only for attractive people?