A BBC reporter grabbed a woman's breast on live TV. Her reaction is all of us.

A BBC presenter has come under fire after he appeared to touch a woman’s breast during a live-on-air interview.

In footage that has since gone viral, Ben Brown was speaking to the political editor Norman Smith when a woman approached them to give the camera a thumbs-up.

Brown turns to the woman before he attempts to end the interruption by pushing her away, awkwardly placing his hand on her chest in doing so.

The woman slowly draws back before slapping Brown on the shoulder – quite understandably.

The woman gave the camera a thumbs-up before Brown reached out. (Source: BBC.)

After finding himself at the centre of a social media storm, the journalist responded by labelling the mishap "completely unintentional".

Twitter users have since been driven to debate the event further.

One user claimed the story had been unfairly twisted because the person who hit Brown was a woman.


"And she then assaulted him but never mind that because it was a woman hitting a bloke," they wrote.

This comment caused another user to defend the interrupting woman's actions.

"Are you for real? She slapped his shoulder because he grabbed her breast.... I'd of given him a black eye!" One user wrote.

The moment right before the woman slapped Brown. (Source: BBC.)


Some called for Brown to be fired and charged with assault.

"Disgraceful - should be sacked and prosecuted for assault - idiot!! (sic)," wrote one viewer.

The BBC said no further action would be taken against the presenter as his actions were "clearly an accident", according to The Guardian.

The incident comes just months the after the BBC made headlines for the father whose interview was interrupted by his children.