5 ways to transform your bathroom in an afternoon, according to an interior designer.

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Kristen Sharkie is a Melbourne-based interior designer with her own business, Dear Design. We asked her to share her tips for easy bathroom changes that can be done in an afternoon.

When I think about all the things over a weekend I could be doing, versus what needs to be done, I know I’d rather be spending my time at the beach.

But there’s something in the power of updating a space, even with small changes that can make a big impact and help the mornings run smoothly.

Here are some affordable options you could take on in an afternoon to transform your bathroom into the haven you’ve always wanted.

1. A fresh coat of paint is your ticket to immediate ‘newness’.

Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint. If your walls are looking a little tired or mouldy and could use a face lift, you’ll be surprised at the impact some fresh paint can have on the ceilings and walls.

It’s also a good opportunity to add a mould-resistant paint if you haven’t got one already. If you have older tiles that could also use some freshening up, there are some great waterproof-tile paints that you can use to hide those ugly old ’80s tiles. Even just a plain white will sharpen up the look of the room and help it feel a lot cleaner and fresher.

And if you’ve got a spare pair of hands and a great Spotify playlist, it’ll go that much quicker.

2. Change up your linens, bathmats and even your robe hooks.

Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new fluffy towel on your clean skin when you get out of the shower. Purchasing new towels, a bathmat and a new hand towel can quickly create that sanctuary you’ve been looking for.

By adding a fun new pattern, texture or colour to the space you really can change the vibe and evoke a completely different feeling.


If you’re after a modern look and feel, try a geometric pattern. Or, if you’re after a luxurious spa atmosphere, go for a fluffy white set or you could also look at injecting some fun and going with some bright colours and patterns add a fun bathmat like the Tula Nudie Mat from Sage and Clare.

You could also look at changing out or adding some Mondella robe hooks from their chic minimalist-style Rumba collection (which come in black or chrome at $30.45 each, at Bunnings).

A few of these on the back of the bathroom door can add extra hanging space that’s stylish and won’t take up much room.

The Tula Nudie Mat from Sage and Clare; the Mondella Rumba robe hook. Image: Supplied.

3. Make your display functional.

There are so many options to display beautiful and functional items to brighten up your bathroom. Changing up your hand soaps with a refillable option is a great affordable and sustainable option, I like the 500ml Bamboo neck Pump Bottles with a printed labels by Pretty Little Designs.

Of course, one of the easiest and best ways to bring life to a bathroom is with the addition of plants. I also like to add some fresh flowers to a small vase which can really liven up the space.

You could also consider switching out your mirror to Mondella's Signature 800mm Silver LED Round Mirror at $295, which can create an expensive and updated-looking space maximum impact without the price tag.

Finish it all off by adding some beautiful candles on a wooden stool next to the bath and voila. You have a functional and beautiful space.

Check out Mondella's stunning LED mirror. Image: Supplied.

4. Clean out and reorganise.

If you’re feeling the impact of the build-up of stuff that accumulates inside your cupboards, then a good clear out and reorganise can be just what you need.

Go through everything in your cupboards and ensure you throw out anything you don’t or won’t use, anything that has expired, and don’t forget your makeup as well.

Sort similar items together and find a home for everything. For example, all your everyday make-up should be in one area in an easy to use display unit - I have an acrylic cosmetic tray which can be hidden inside the cupboard.

Any back-up or special event make-up can be stored inside pull out bins labelled for easy access. By having a clean and neatly organised space you will save precious time in the morning getting ready without all that extra clutter lying around.

5. Switch up your fixtures.

Switching up your fixtures can be as easy as changing your bath spout. Mondella has a gorgeous, curved Rumba black waterfall spout ($77.70), or if you want that geometric look, the chrome Rococo Basin Mixer ($118, pictured below) will bring all kinds of sexy back to your bathroom.

A gorgeous vanity featuring the chrome Rococo Basin Mixer. Image supplied.

Depending on your setup, this is something that can be done without a plumber. If you're wanting to upgrade your taps you may need to hire a plumber or a super handy friend that can help you out.

Those are some of my tips that you can do easily without having to makeover your entire bathroom. Clear an afternoon on the weekend, and make it happen.

What are your best tips for easy bathroom DIY jobs?


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