These cats have more Facebook followers than you do. Way more.

These have got to be THE ultimate cats.

We have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to the one, the only Shironeko (a.k.a “zen master cat”).

This sleepy little kitty and his pals, who are together known as “Basket Cats”, have become rather famous recently for something that not many cats usually tolerate for particularly long.

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“What is that talent?” we hear you asking. Well, take a look for yourself… (post continues down page). 

And the video is only just the beginning. The Basket Cats also have their own Facebook page, their own blog and have so far attracted a following of more than 15,000 cat-hungry fans.

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Impressively there are also three Basket Cat photo books andJ-pop singer, Nobumaka Makota, has sung their very own official song. This is the stuff that kitty dreams are made of.

So, next time you feel a bit down and in need of some kitty-luvin, be sure to check out the gloriously baskety world that is Basket Cats.

Scroll through the gallery to see some more brilliant Basket Cats. Being both basket-y and catty (and just generally brilliant)…