We're worried about Barnaby: How is the Deputy PM going to manage his role with a newborn?

Today, we are worried.

Our concern lies with the current predicament Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce finds himself in.

You see, news broke on Wednesday morning that he is expecting a baby with his former media advisor, Vikki Campion.

The breakdown of his 24 year marriage to Natalie Joyce, is one thing.

He’s probably distracted. Pulled in two directions. Can he truly focus on leading a nation at a time like this?

But our primary concern is with reports that, possibly by April, Joyce will become a father for the fifth time.

Should he not have made the announcement earlier, so voters could decide whether they wanted a new dad in a position of leadership?

As a nation, should we really have to compete for Joyce’s attention with a colicky toddler?

He’s not even married to Campion, what does that say about his character; specifically his loyalty and trustworthiness? Is this not the ultimate breakdown of traditional family values?

Do we truly want a sleep deprived, and emotionally volatile person running the show?

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It shows an enormous amount of irresponsibility, straddling the spheres of parenthood and leadership. Does anyone truly believe you can do both at once?


We are not in the business of telling anyone what to do.

But, look. Joyce should resign immediately and focus on family given his ineligibility to govern.

Men have always had to choose between fatherhood and leadership – that’s just the way it is.

This argument might seem a little harsh, perhaps even sexist. But here’s the thing.

You’ve read this story before.

Every sentence in this story has been pulled from commentary on the pregnancy announcement of Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

According to UK journalist Liz Jones, Ardern’s decision to have a baby was a “betrayal of New Zealand voters”.

By such logic, we have been deceived by Joyce, who promised us his focus and dedication, and instead, decided to have a baby.

Surely we can agree that Joyce’s unborn baby deserves the undivided attention of its dad. It’s a basic human right.

In the next few months, the Deputy Prime Minister has a very difficult decision ahead of him.

We can only hope he makes the right one.

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