You remember Bardot. But where are they now?

Before there was Australian Idol, The Voice, X-Factor and Australia’s Got Talent, there was Popstars, heralding in the new millennium with its first talent-scouting show.

If you were a child of the 90s then you probably remember watching the show’s first band, Bardot, being formed.

In fact, you might even remember (as vividly as some of the Mamamia team do) lining up for an hour or two at our local Westfield shopping malls to meet the ladies of Bardot.

Listen: She’s the reality TV star we need right now.

And if that’s the case then maybe you also remember these brilliant lyrics from the song ‘Poison’?

“Don’t you treat me bad, don’t you make me sad, our love could be deep as the ocean.”

“If you can’t be true, I’ve got news for you, just remember I can be poison.”

Bardot were edgy. They were girl-power in action. They were everywhere and then… well they faded away, and lately, we’ve really wanted to find out where to. We all know Sophie Monk is set to grace our screens as The Bachelorette later this year, but where are the rest of the Bardot ladies?

Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk has certainly come out on top. (Image: Getty.)

As Australia's next Bachelorette, Sophie Monk and is probably somewhere giving out a rose right now - or having a secret hotel rendezvous with her chosen beau. Before she was looking for love in the Bach mansion, the 37-year-old had a brief stint as a Hollywood actress with a role in Date Movie and Entourage. Her career in breakfast radio saw her move from the Today Network to KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show. In 2015 she won the Aussie version of Celebrity Apprentice and let's not forget that way back in 2003 she released a solo album called Calendar Girl.

Tiffani Wood

(Image via Facebook.)

Once Bardot broke-up, Tiffani tried to make it on her own as a solo artist, but her career never quite took off. Since then she's become a mum to four children and is now a private vocal coach, offering lessons through Tiffani Wood Singing Studios in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Katie Underwood

(Image via Facebook.)

After dabbling in a career in musical theatre and performing in a jazz band, Katie Underwood has become a masseuse, who runs her own meditation centre, Underwood Healing, in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne. Unfortunately for her, this occasionally comes with the odd creepy fan wanting to be touched by her inappropriately, as she shared on Facebook this week.  Apparently, the caller was silent for a long time after she clarified she didn't offer "that kind of service". Katie isn't interested in returning to the music industry though another talent show - she knocked back Channel Nine's The Voice four times - but is working on a meditation album.


Belinda Chapple

(Image via Facebook.)

After Belinda tried to launch a solo career in music she moved on to stage production and was creator and creative director of stage show, Sydney After Dark. She now markets herself as an actor, model, musician and stylist and lives in London.

Sally Polihronas 

(Image via Facebook.)

Our Facebook stalking can only take us so far, and all we've been able to find out about Sally is that she is Mum to a beautiful little girl and likes to dig up mementoes from her Bardot days for others' amusement on Twitter.

Chantelle Barry

(Image via Facebook.)

Chantelle was famously kicked out of the group in 2000 for allegedly stealing money. Since then she's moved to LA and played a small part in the remake of 90210, starred in a TV show called Miss 2059 and had some other roles voice acting. She's also dabbled in jewellery designing and continued with her solo singing career, releasing one album, four singles and one EP. She's told her Facebook fans she's just finished her next album.