Barbie has just got something she desperately needed. It only took 50 years.


Finally. Barbie has taken a (no doubt, very comfortable) step we can fully endorse.

This isn’t the first time that Barbie’s unlikely, and well, dangerous body proportions have been brought to light.

We’ve all heard it before. She’s too tall. Her waist is tiny. Her breasts are huge and her feet disfigured.

She sets a bad example and she’s downright unrealistic. And on this, I’m sure we can all agree.

But after wearing high heels for over 50 years, Mattel is finally going to design a flat shoe for Barbie to don.

An example of what we hope to see soon. Image via Instagram @BarbieStyle.

As part of the new Fashionista line of Barbie dolls, the groundbreaking move will be made possible by a movable ‘articulated ankle.’

Gone are the days of the permanently tippy-toed Barbie doll.

In true Aussie fashion, we’d like to see Barbie in ugg boots or maybe even a pair of volleys. Thongs would be ideal – but that would require another minor surgery.

According to The Independent, a spokeswoman for Mattel said “This line represents a continued evolution of the Barbie brand,” and that the new range of dolls “was designed to represent the world girls see around them.”

Now that’s something we can get on board with.

Do you agree with Barbie’s latest outfit choice? 

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