Barbie says you can be ANYTHING (except, you know, fat). Love or loathe this ad?

A Mamamia reader emailed us about the new Barbie ad saying how incensed she was about it:

“PLS PLS PLS talk about the new barbie ad,” she wrote. “It’s all about how girls can be whatever they want to be. Except, short, fat etc….(not stated but implied). Give me a break. I’m so angry about this ad.”

Here it is:

[youtube D8yVcLO_VVQ 640 390]

Hmmm, smacks of Barbie tries to do a Dove. Not authentic. Not to me. But not at all offensive. Doesn’t make me angry. Just think it’s a bit of a stretch, linking female empowerment with Barbie. Although as I wrote here, I was interested to note that the Barbie’s in my daughter’s DVDs are pretty much the only female characters in animated stories who DO stuff instead of just waiting around to be saved by a male character.

Here is another recent Barbie ad:

[youtube UBfXetHyA60 640 390]

From the same campaign, the public have chosen Barbies next careers, interestingly the most popular choice was computer engineer and girls’ vote went to news anchor.

What do you think? Love? Loathe? Or Care Factor Zero?